Here are some of the questions we often get asked

that might help you plan your evening with us

What time does the cinema open?

Gates open at 6.15pm. If there is any change to this we will let you know on Facebook, our website and info line. Sometimes we might delay opening if we are waiting for weather to pass for example.  Most nights we have a queue of people waiting to get in before 6pm, and others queueing for gate sale tickets much earlier. The screening will start at approximately 8.30pm but the seats available at this time may limited so best to arrive early and grab your preferred seat and take advantage of our harbourside restaurant and bar!

What’s the arrangement with seating?

Our grandstand is general admission, so you don’t buy a particular seat when you book. When you arrive at the event you will be given the opportunity to take a reserved seat card from our staff if you would like one. You can write your name on this card and reserve a seat for yourself in the grandstand.  Once you have reserved your seat, you can then spend your time enjoying the atmosphere of our event and great dining and drinking options. There are ways to reserve seating in the grandstand- see below information about upgrades.

What happens if the screening is cancelled?

Unfortunately, sometimes things happen beyond our control and we have to make the tough decision to cancel screenings. In these scenarios you will receive a full refund of the ticket price from Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster will email ticket holders directly the following day (after the screening was scheduled) with the following information.

If you booked online, over the phone or at a Ticketmaster outlet with a credit card, you’ll receive your refund within 7 days of the cancellation.

If your credit card is no longer valid (e.g. has expired, or you paid with prepaid Visa or MasterCard), please contact Ticketmaster ASAP, on 136 100 between 9am – 8pm AEDT Monday to Saturday, or 9am – 5pm AEDT Sunday.

If you bought using cash or EFTPOS from a Ticketmaster outlet, please return to the outlet with your tickets for your refund.

The weather isn’t looking good but it’s early in the day… what do I do?

As an outdoor event, St.George OpenAir Cinema is subject to prevailing weather conditions. Specifically, rain will not prohibit the screenings of films. Screenings will be cancelled only if weather conditions present a danger at Fleet Steps at screening time. We all know that Sydney Summer weather can change quickly so we always hope to proceed with the screening and make weather-related decisions, based on the conditions at our event site at the time of screening. Regardless of the forecast, we monitor the weather closely throughout the day and evening and keep everyone updated on Facebook, our website and our recorded info line 1300 366 649. Our number one priority is safety so if we have to make the difficult call to cancel to ensure our patron’s safety, we will do so, but our preference is to proceed with screening our great programs of films if possible!

What does preview screening mean?

Preview indicates that the screening is taking place before the wider cinema release of the film, so rest assured it’s the full length feature.

How does the event restaurant work?

Our public restaurant is run by Chiswick and offers a range of great dining options from snacks, to full meals and desserts! Patrons line up to order from the counter and will be served their food from here. We try and keep our queues moving as swiftly as possible but peak times can get quite busy. If you are in a group we would suggest dividing and conquering, i.e. someone to the bar, someone to the restaurant and someone to find and mind a table.  We suggest eating early to avoid the queues!

Where can I sit to eat and drink before the screening?

We have approximately 1,000 dining seats within the event for patrons of the restaurant and bar!

Can I bring food or drinks into the event?

The event features a fully licensed bar and restaurant so anyone who wants to BYO must eat and drink outside the event… you can picnic in the Botanic Gardens or we have a 1,000 dining seats within the event for patrons of the restaurant, but we can’t permit you to enter the event with food and drink.

Once I am in the venue, can I leave and come back?

We do permit pass outs and re-entry. Once in the venue, exit through Yurong Gate ensuring you are scanned on the way out, and when you want to come back in, just come back through the main entrance.

What happens if I can’t make the screening anymore?

Sorry to hear you can’t make it but the good news is you can exchange your tickets for another screening subject to availability up to 72 hours before the screening time. The account holder who made the booking needs to contact Ticketmaster directly to organise.

Can I bring my baby or child with me?

Babies and infants are welcome at our cinema, however, classification restrictions still apply. We do make allowances for prams whereby once you have purchased tickets, we ask that you email us at with the details of your booking, and we can reserve you a seat in the front row for that screening, where you’re welcome to have the baby on your lap. From here, you can either keep your pram with you, or we can place it aside for the duration of the film.

We ask that when small children or babies do attend the films that their parents/ carers respect the experience of all patrons and if they become unsettled, we will open the closest gate and ask that they temporarily leave the premises whilst they become settled again. We hope you understand this.

Is there an opportunity to upgrade my tickets at all?

There are two types of upgrades available, these are currently on sale for screenings in January and our February upgrades will go on sale on January 26th. The info and links are below:

Reserved Dining Upgrade:

Reserved Dining Seating Each night of the season, general admission ticket holders will have the opportunity to purchase reserved dining seating. The reserved dining seating will be located in one area only, on an elevated deck, located at the rear of the restaurant and bar area of the Event. All Reserved Dining Seating will be at communal tables (as it is throughout the Event restaurant and bar area). Patrons will be allocated table seating with their party as indicated at the time of upgrade booking, but the position of the seating will be wholly at the discretion of management. Reallocation of seating to another table according to patrons’ preferences will not be possible. Patrons holding Reserved Dining Seating will be required to purchase their meals and drinks at the event restaurant and bar along with other patrons (both located at the Southern end of the event), and will be permitted to depart and re-enter the reserved section as they please.

A block of grandstand seats will be reserved for Dining Deck patrons just to the south of grandstand’s centre. This is a great solution if you want to secure a dining table and grandstand seating without the pressure of arriving early. This is not the solution for you if you are particular about where you want to sit.

Cost: $15 per person – includes reserved dining seat, reserved grandstand seat and, for any patron arriving before 6.45pm, a complimentary glass of Croser sparkling NV wine.

* There is no wheelchair access to the corporate deck, and prams are not permitted in the grandstand. Persons requiring wheelchair access should contact us at to make alternative arrangements.

Sponsor Lounge Upgrade:

On selected nights we will be releasing to general admission ticket holders, upgrades to the Event’s Sponsor Lounge. The Sponsor Lounge is an a la carte restaurant, with full table service, located at the far northern end of the event, with views directly over Sydney Harbour. At the conclusion of service, guests are seated in reserved premium grandstand seating towards the centre of the grandstand.

This is the premium OpenAir experience, but some conditions apply. The cost of the upgrade is for entry into the Sponsor Lounge only, all food and beverage will be at an additional cost. Guests will be required to pay for their meal and beverages via EFTPOS/credit card. Guests must be neatly attired and may be refused admission if inappropriately attired in the view of management. Guests must arrive before 7.30 pm in order to take advantage of meal service. Guests will be allocated tables in line with their party size and availability. The position of the table will be wholly at the discretion of management.

Cost: $30 per head (+ food and beverage costs to be paid for on the evening via credit card).

** Sponsor Lounge upgrades are only open to persons 18 years of age and older.