cancellation & refund policy

Ok it’s an outdoor event so you should be aware of what happens if it rains, right?

Short answer, the show goes on if it rains. For 22 years we’ve been screening in rain, drizzle and summer showers, providing ponchos free of charge to audience members, and that’s the way we roll and the risk you accept if you pre-purchase tickets. Some people are ok with this risk, but some aren’t. If you’re not happy with this risk, best not to pre-purchase tickets. The screening will not be cancelled and refunds will not be issued because it rains. Each evening we’ll hold a small reserve of tickets for sale at the box office, and persons who don’t like the risk of wet weather can get in on some of that action.

OK, but what about dangerous weather?

Well that’s different. If there’s dangerous weather present at Mrs Macquaries Point during screening hours, we’ll cancel the screening. Sydney weather can change quickly during summer. A thunderstorm at 5pm may have disappeared by 7pm, so on occasions we may delay the opening of the event, if we think there’s a good chance dangerous weather may pass before screen time. Please check the event website ( for updates. If we’re compelled to cancel a screening during the screening, we reserve the right to provide ticketholders with an alternative way to view the portion of the film not screened (e.g. electronic link). If we do this there will be no refunds issued, but if we’re unable to do this, or we don’t even start the film, we’ll refund ticket purchasers the full ticket price.

Just to be clear

• we’re only concerned with weather at Mrs Macquaries Point. Storms at Hornsby or Narrabeen or Kogarah, are not necessarily relevant

• we’re only concerned with weather during event hours. Weather at 3pm or 5pm is not necessarily relevant

• if you’re a ticket holder, whether and how you get to the event is your responsibility.

Any updates to do with cancellation of a screening or changes to the scheduled opening time of the event will be posted on the website and info line 1300 366 649.