"On my last night in Sydney, I managed to experience the perfect marriage of art and nature at the St. George OpenAir Cinema. For two months every year, stadium seating is erected in the Royal Botanic Gardens, by the lapping waters of Sydney Harbor and facing the floodlit Opera House. Every sense is catered to. I ate tempura-battered fish and chips from the cafe, sipped fine wine from the bar, and took a seat beneath the ancient trees in which fruit bats were frolicking. As darkness fell, an enormous cinema screen majestically rose from water level, accompanied by triumphal music.

Almost any film would seem magical under these conditions, but tonight was the premier of “Tracks,” an adaptation of Robyn Davidson’s novel about crossing the Outback deserts with a team of camels. The whole event seemed like a conceptual artwork about the essential strangeness of Australia’s physical environment. Images of the barren interior deserts were framed by the sumptuously fertile backdrop of Sydney, the southern stars reflected on the inky water."

- Tony Perrottet

"Of all the many wonderful experiences that Sydney town has to offer I fair dinkum wonder if there is one better than openair cinema at Mrs Macquaries Pt..."

- Peter Fitzsimons

The most glam of the outdoor cinemas is St George OpenAir. From your seats in the stadium you can watch the screen rise up over the water, with the Opera House and Bridge as the backdrop.


 "One of the most magical events our city offers ‐ a silver screen rising out of the harbour, the glorious backdrop of bridge, Opera House and stars. But mostly I love that it’s a triumph of ideas over rules."

‐ Angela Mollard