Each year we make improvements to enhance your experience of St.George OpenAir. This year we’re focused on sustainability, and reducing queues. So what does this mean for your night out with us?

Beat the queue at the restaurant


This year we're focused on reducing queue times in the restaurant and we're welcoming a new partner Hey You. Hey You will allow you to order ahead from your phone once you’ve arrived at the cinema and will send you a notification when it’s time to pick up your meal from Chiswick at OpenAir. Download the app now!

A more comfortable grandstand for everyone!

To reduce the need for cushions, we are upgrading the grandstand with padded seating which is great for your posterior and great for the environment too. Throughout the first few nights of the season we will be in transition mode, with some padded seats already installed and some with complimentary cushions placed on the seats. Please do not take these home with you as we need these while the grandstand upgrade is complete. We appreciate your cooperation with this, and your help in cutting down waste at the event.

If you’re after a little extra padding you’re welcome to BYO cushion from home!

Washable, multi-use cups at the bar.

$2 deposit repaid when cup is returned.

Having a drink with friends before the film is a big part of the OpenAir experience and the perfect way to spend a summer evening. In the past however, this has meant lots of single-use plastic cups! (More than 50,000 each season!)

This year we’ve invested in a range of high quality, washable, multi use plastic glassware to cut right back on single-use plastic at the event.

When you purchase a drink at the bar, you will be charged a $2 deposit on top of the drink price that will be repaid to you when you return the cup. We will ensure that there are plenty of return points around the event, including roving cup-collectors who can reimburse you on the spot and minimise any impact on your experience.

Why the $2 deposit?

Research shows that a deposit on the cup itself helps to ensure less cups accidentally end up in the bin or going home with you after the film. Since we are trying to cut down on single-use plastic, we’re seeking your help to ensure all of our cups stay at the event to be washed and used again and again and again...